Do you want to have straighter teeth in months not years?

If so fast brace systems could be the right option for you, here at Bilborough Dental Practice we offer:


Cfast use a clear unique nickel-titanium wires designed around patients comfort and their desired cosmetic appearance. These unique wires allow the dentist to gain more control and predictability over the final cosmetic results.
With less tenstion and force being applied on to straightening teeth, Cfast treatments are comforting, discrete and can only take up to 2 to 6 months for gaining that perfect smile.

Six Month Smiles

Six Month Smiles provides you with a unique orthodontic tray kit, which provides high quality materialised Lucid-Lok clear bonded brackets and tooth coloured wires that are barely visible. The Lucid-Lok tooth-coloured shaped wire is designed to gently straighten and align teeth in creating the ideal teeth symmetry.


Inivsalign is a system that straightens teeth using a series of nearly invisible, removable aligners that are custom-made specifically for your teeth. As you replace each aligner every two weeks, your teeth. As you replace each aligner every two weeks, your teeth will move little by little, week by week, gradually moving towards the final position projected in your treatment plan.
Comfortable, clear and removable, Invisalign transforms your smile with disrupting your life.

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